Versuri Archontes - The Escapist Hymn (Authors Notes)

Album: Archontes - Book One: The Child Of Two Worlds

This wonderful world is full of treats
Wait for your tomorrow
But our share is fantasies and we live
Walking through dreams

We believe there are things in the world
Worth fighting for again and again
And does it really matter so much
What other people say

Down to the ground, fall from stars
But this grey world is not for us
We keep the faith and know
That our souls live
in the books we read
again and again

Wind of past
Impales like cold steel
We believe
There is some place Unreal
Place where honor's not just lies
Where love has no sale price
Where sun's shining!
Look with your heart, not just the eyes

When words of love are only just a cause
When friendship is convenience and nothing more
Can we respect advices and moral admonitions
Of such Reality?
Where days're dancing at the music of The Money
Just one look back – and your life is through
The grey machine wants another portion
Are you sure it fits you?

This is your life and your mind
You're the owner of your fate
Disperse the shadows
Choose your path
Nothing else can stop you from creating your own reality

I don't have answers for all questions
And solutions to change this crazy world
My story is just an attempt to show
That you are not alone
I believe that dirt is not everywhere
And harmony is somewhere very near
And I don't care if they think I'm a madman
I still believe

This door's so close
Reach outyour hand
This book has no end
Key's in your soul
You are not alone
Water grinds the stone
Just believe

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