Versuri Ares Kingdom - Gathering The Eagles

Album: Ares Kingdom - Incendiary

Fear in the eyes of the white dove
Wings clipped by the will to power
Cowers in its nest ‒ it watches (furtively)
Too scared to take flight
Forced to face futurity

Fury like fire on a desolate altar
Extinguish hope ‒ extinguish life
Hope stillborn ‒ astride a dark horse
Face to face with oblivion

Gathering (the eagles)
Those beyond fear

This bloodied dove confronts a world in denial
Hope and appeasement invite death
Words of comfort tranquilize
As blood red contrails streak the skies

The dove cries a last accord to the darkness
Eyes of hellfire sear the answer and intent
Freedom's ring fades as thunder rolls above
Hellish winds scatter embers and ash

The gasping dove now prays the eagles come
A holy alliance and its holy work
Fury like fire on a desolate altar
Hope and appeasement have brought death
Call down the thunder on jet-black wings
From the sun they descend battle dressed
Merciless beauty dripping red in claw
Ecstasy to see... see the conquered fall

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