Versuri Ares Kingdom - Incendiary

Album: Ares Kingdom - Incendiary

That which cannot be saved
Send into the arms of God
Unflinching modern primitives invoke
Mark (the) enemies of the faith
Liquidate, sacrifice the evil ones
In whom faith has died
And all those who deny

Exhausted yet tireless, they lay in wait
Serpents twisted around the sacred tree
(Reciting poisoned words)
Preface to a final solution
Lead them all astray
Lead them all to agony
The specter of God becomes Death

And when faith has died
New gods will arise
To ascend a pestilent throne
And embrace chaos and death

Incendiary ‒
Speak the words of enslavement
Litany ‒
Speak of sin and perfect absolution
Recite the parables of suffering
Chant ‒
Intoxicate the foolish martyrs
Iniquity ‒
The specter of God becomes death