Versuri Argentum - La Sorella Di Satana

Album: Argentum - Ad Interitum Funebrarum

She's possessed by demoniac ordeal
Lemuria's witch into mysterious lake
she frequently gets angry for blood
atrocities is her cult of love
An ancient statue recovered from
the eerie ritual, a vampyir's nest
she always gave me her frozen skin
plagued by spell, she's the death it self
All she wants is your hand on fear
when she mutates her exceedingly form
is revived the tie of entrails
La Sorella Di Satana
She glares through the blackness
mistress over dead souls
with the void in which she floats
who blesses our chilling zone
La Morte Vivante!!!
Radiant goddess of dead moons
dea triformis of deus azrael
queen of ghosts, controller our harvests
ultimo infierno dei morto vivendi
Unearthy coldness express her eyes
mystifying a funeral of filth
condemned by the king of flames
when she refused to join the light.

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