Versuri Argentum - The Gardens Of The Unsane Renovation

Album: Argentum - Stigma Mortuorum

The twilight to the fields of redemption
a vast darkworld namely exothaernium
stractus for the growth and propagation
magnifiable sphere of conception

Reform thy osperm's hibernation
scattered in the fungal upper regions
struggle for the aenima restoration
enhancing your cryptic camouflage

Enfold your orts, bloom's of death
unpleasant inborns, towards the fadding sun
leaves if grimness, regio aetherea

Living human-vegetable forms
a landscape of cylindrical greeness-tree's stomach
a long journeys in chlorophyllic energy
before the first necro-organisms appeared

Enormous forest of non-reflection
the gardens of the unsane renovation
substratum's of an exotic population
the most grandiose period of consolidation
the vast greenland of equilibrium forest
homo-botanicus, circle of dilapidation

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