Versuri Argentum - The Serpent's Lament

Album: Argentum - Ad Interitum Funebrarum

Sear and black wind, pervert until you soul
expeller of wretched matter, expand the real world
funnel inspire the pains, countless dims of subconscious
the sight of ghouls around your space, did you hear the serpent's lament??
The dust impregnated into quiet wind, a smaze of enchanted evening
where sunserves of Legba circle, prepare the nuptial flight
in terra demorto mundi, the men fell silent
the great snake was coming, then there was a petro rite
Wails will despise, on the river of the thorns
flow that joy of death, reveal Damballah's face
anxious for young blood, needless, pins & caves
sinuosity curse at midnight, dance of dolls
The secret of all serpents, not permite the riest
restore their hideous plasma, all spirits descends to earth
corps from exu are in serpentary, penetrate all opened tomb
the sight of ghouls around your space, did you the serpent's lament?
...and then they called softly: Papa Ghede...

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