Versuri ARMORED SAINT - On the Way

Album: ARMORED SAINT - Self Titled

Hold on to that vision
There'll always be some friction in your life
But you gotta keep your head high
and beat the odds with a sigh, my friend
Keep pushin' to the plateau
Find gold at the end of the rainbow, begin
Feel the sweet sensation
Suddenly you've taken charge of your life
No one can surpass
Feeling good, you're on the road at last
Yes, you're made of Armor
And Saints will conquer
And you ask what this thing could be
Just jump on the road and follow me
I knew that one day I would reach you
And show you lives worth living for
sometimes you'll go through hell first
But at the end you'll be at heaven's door
Do you realize your on the way
To an everlasting day
Don't turn your head on the ones who placed your crown
or soon you'll find yourself going down!!

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