Versuri Artery Eruption - Utilize All Holes

Album: Artery Eruption - Driving My Fist Through Her Chest

Useless human being, My needs I'm fulfilling
You will serve a purpose As I take advantage
Your life is no longer meaningless since you're dead
A true meaning has been found in your raped body

f*****g crushing... your bones... through your holes
My cock so hard... it cracked... you in two
Swelling with blood... it pumps... out the pours
Pumping my cum... in your... rubbed-raw c**t
I impaled you... on an... iron bar
For an intense... session... of your rape
Now that your holes... will not... be the same
I must tear your... flesh from... all your frame

I grate off your face with a
razor sharp custom peeler
This removed flesh will enter
Deep within your stretched pussy
This flesh keeps on slipping out
due to extensive gapage
I decide to post the flesh
Inside the c**t with thumb tacs

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