Versuri Artificial October - A Song For Kathrine

Album: Artificial October - Fragile

Not much left to say
I got nothing more to complain
You are just perfect
So beautiful

Your tight warm embrace
That sends me to sleep
Giving me sweet dreams
The sweetest dreams

Your wonderful smile
Calms me inside
And the sound of your voice
Is like music to my ears

And oh your perfume
Smells like the heavens
It's like I'm in heaven
With you
With you

I want to spend eternity with you
I want to live my life for you
I promise you, my love
That I 'll be sincere
I vow to you all that I got
'Cause I don't need anything
Other than you

I will be near to you
I will be dear to you

I will be strong for you
I will take care of you

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