Versuri Artificial October - Once Again

Album: Artificial October - Fragile

Stares at the cieling
I feel nothing but sorry
Thinks of the things that have
Made us so worried
About what may happen
About what has happened
The times we should laugh and
The times we should cuddle

Looks at the ring that made
Both of us to promise
That we will take care of this
That we will protect it
We know it's so fragile
So easy to break
I'm hoping for a change
That'll make us believe once again

Once again
Once again

Reminisce the days when
We're sure we love each other
When we keep on falling
In love every hour
When we walk together
And pray it lasts forever
When we worry to lose a bit
Of what we have built

And I strum the guitar
Like tomorrow's not coming
Searches the crowd
With what I've been missing
I know it's not there
And I know where to find it
It's you whom I need
Can we just fall in love once again

Let's give this another try.

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