Versuri Artillery - Upon My Cross I Crawl

Album: Artillery - When Death Comes

[Verse 1:]
in this world of sinners
i am set to rescue you all
my name is salvation
follow me now and worship my call

in this world of liars
my name is whispered by those with no faith
i can be forgiven
speak my name, it's never too late

but i am so tired of love revenge is what i need

feeling trapped inside my cage
The tensions boiling I'm filled with rage
i can never go back to what
i never was before
please forgive me farther hear
I'm not the image you hold so dear
electrified crucified
upon my cross i crawl, and die

[Verse 2:]
agony is rising
inside the holyman made from hell
symphony of angels
tempting me in my lonely cell

to end this new beginning
i must turn the cross upside down
sacrifice is vital
i throw my crown down to the ground


The lats days are here
the fallen of the sun
caress my soul
i will not believe in you

[Repeat verse 1]


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