Aa I Lay Dying au lansat single-ul 'Roots Below'

de Cristi Nedelcu

Aa I Lay Dying au lansat single-ul 'Roots Below'

Trupa a revenit cu un nou single dupa despartirea de chitaristul Nick Hipa.

Liderul trupei, Tim Lambesis, a declarat urmatoarele:

"Its exciting to be working on music again after some downtime. 'Roots Below' was originally a B-side leftover from when we recorded [the 2019 album] 'Shaped By Fire', but Phil [Sgrosso, guitar] and Josh [Gilbert, bass, clean vocals] really brought new life to it when they recently finished it and added new layers. It's been refreshing to get back to the creative process with the same team of songwriters being intact that have been writing with me since they joined the band. The lyrics were influenced by someone I recently met who shared a story of trauma with me that would have destroyed most people, yet from that struggle came strength, openness, and growth that inspired me."

Melodia 'Roots Below'poate fi ascultata mai jos.

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