Versuri As They Sleep - The Darkest Ages

Album: As They Sleep - Dynasty

Take over the world
Enslaved to declination
Leave all of your hopes and dreams behind
Make haste divide this nation
Take over the world
There is nothing left to murder
Complete disregard for human life
This ancient flame that still burns
Into the darkest ages
Once more an Emperor's demise
I've longed to turn these pages
Fight as hard as a mortal man can fight
Re-live the devastation
A billowing smoke that haunts the sky
This murderous confrontation
A horrific sight for untrained eyes
To forget who we were
We try to change who we are
Degrade the stature of life
Put a blade in the back of the truth and you twist the knife
Burning temples ablaze
While we suffer the reign
Your people dying in vein
The remains of a tranquil place as it falls from grace
Sew the fields with ashes of the infidels
We can't go on this way
We can't go on
Take these chains and break them at their weakest link
We can't go on this way
We can't go on
You speak a cold dead language
A respected language of the past
Whose words are best forgotten
But we all won't soon forget this wrath
Just like the frailest human
Ignoring the signs of your collapse
You watch the blood spill over
Inadvertently walking the same path
Open your eyes
We've all been force fed their lies
Force fed their lies
A leader who gives
Gives everything that you want
Can take it all away

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