Versuri Asgaard - Eyes Ov Thy Soul

Album: Asgaard - EyeMDXtasy

What seemed to be a beautiful romance
It is now over, doubts,
Hope for a new life, free;
Free of sadness, despair and pain

You have stayed seeing us leave
And we felt you so close
still so far away...

We could not realize
We did not want to conceive
Flying with the ravens up above distant skies
The sorcery was always there
She never left, until Your last minute on this world

As the remembrance turns to reality again
We start to believe that this is not a fairy tale

The eyes of Thy soul are too pure for this world
The eyes of Thy soul cry bloody tears with fear
The eyes of Thy soul are devoid of compassion
The eyes of Thy soul I found peace at last

Too late for a last goodbye
What is left to us are only memories
Longing dreams delude us
We do not know what is real or false

False? It could be if we did not believe
That the eyes of your soul
Are more alive than us who stayed

The Eternity has waited for you
As it awaits for us too
The dancer of Death has found its perfect partner
And now, no mercy shall be given
For those sinners who blamed You!

The pace of life is fast
But death for You will be slow
You will feel it
When the eyes of Your soul
Will be blind forever...

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