Versuri Asgaard - Mon Ange (Per Aspera Ad Astra)

Album: Asgaard - Ad Sidera, Ad Infinitum

Somewhere... in time and out of time
In love to hatred, in hatred to love
I was born
And I hung between heaven and earth, between beauty and banality, between enchantment and a culmination of life.
My sisters - stars - endow heaven with beauty twinkling seductively with their horrified eyes;
Yet they can't love so much & hate that much
With one breath of solitary lust
This one breath obscures their gleam so much unstable...
And I rise over the peaks to extol your beauty of virgin which with its grandeur sadden the prodigious angels...
I hate all that lasts only a while.
the shine of wretched stars.
In a downpour of love at Your gate of passion I stand.
You're my heart!!! A pearl in the
Universe of stone...
Love me forever

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