Versuri ASGUARD - Supremacy Over The World

Album: ASGUARD - Dreamslave

Supremacy over the world,
Eternal life & power didn't let me
Realize unreality of the
Things happening.

I couldn't have thought,
That I was asleep.
And how pleasant, deceptive
And cruel my dreams were!
All unreal replaced the reality.
Bright splashing light turned into
Soft glimmer of a calm night

Of the night in which all wishes and dreams
Became spiritualized
And thoughts interlaced with reality
Where only you were the master
Of everything,
Where the night was
Drawing outlines
Of eternity,
Which was beyond any
Human mind.

I couldn't realize where
I was really living
And what was a reality
And what was a fantasy

Denying it all presaged
Further defeats
And losing things that
Could be only yours

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