Versuri Ashes You Leave - Apathy Overdose

Album: Ashes You Leave - Songs of the Lost

All is lost, black is the world I see
To live or to die makes no difference to me
The morning brings no hope
The day is as dead as the night
People are puppets
Of resignation's magnificent might

My mind cries, while beauty turns to dust
Everything dies, on god's cruel earth
There are no battles left
That are worth fighting for
I have no spirit left
and still they ask for more

I'm high on self destruction
Devoid of joy and satisfaction
Oblivious to both virtue and sin
Apathy is mine to drown in

Enjoy your dreams
For tomorrow brings only pain
Indulge your whims
Most lose, only some gain
Existence - a rudimentary habit
Life - an unsurmountable wall
No point in bothering with it
May death soon join us all