Versuri Astarte - Thorns Of Charon (Pt3) - (Pathway To Unlight)

Album: Astarte - Doomed Dark Years

For now as they look at the sky
Their respiration fades away by moonlight.
Man's eyes are dead to light again
And they feel their minds slip
As their souls travel
The deadly moonpath of no return.

Monnlight!!! Drive my men's souls
Straight to your endless Universe.
Earth! Fall over their bodies upon the thorns of life.
Make them bleed!

Bright path of the moon, light men's way.
Empty bodies gaze their interval march.
As the storm of snow roared up from the sky
And the snow wave covered their empty bodies.
Flight of steps leads (souls) beyond the moon
Straight to the shadow of the undreamed domain.
Waves of moonlight carry away their souls...

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