Versuri Astral Doors - Rainbow In Your Mind

Album: Astral Doors - Of The Son And The Father

There's a story to be told and it is always on my mind
And don't you tell me that I'm wrong
'cause it's all I ever dreamed about

Move out of my way
I'll be there to synchronise
And I got nothing to say today
Well.I'm the one and I'm the strong

Let me be your lover and your friend
Tell me why you're leaving, where did I go wrong
Take me now make me understand
Am I clear, how many times must I try?
Until I find: the Rainbow in your mind

I remember years ago
How used to spend my nights
Couldn't see what's going on
That you were made a running man

Whenever you pay I will be your merchandise
You were dreaming of yesterday
But I'm the one and I'm the strong

This world is built on jealousy
Fakes and frauds are hurting me
I'm just glad to be alive
Oh, baby

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