Versuri Ataraxie - Anhedonie

Album: Ataraxie - Anhedonie

Neverending shrilly shrieks echo all around the earth
Thunders burst and announce the imminent sentence
Threatening nauseous skies overthang these decaying soils
Suddenly, sky begins to split and discharge all its waste
Over this doomed and vermin contaminated soils
Des corps inertes gisent le long de berges inondees
Et difusent autour d'eux une odeur putride et avariee
Les eaux s'impregnent de cet arome cadaverique
Qui peu e peu gagne rivieres, fleuves, mers et oceans
Puis condamne et aneantit toute forme de vie persistante

Then come the worms, cockroaches and other flesh eaters
Celebrating the end of aimless life and deserved death

And glorifying the absence of lies, guiles and hypocrisy
Euphoric ceremonial through rotten skin consumption
Unholy funeral chants about the death of mankind

Des lambeaux de chair tapissent ce paysage morne
Et aneantissent lentement mais inevitablement toute cette vie
S'en suit la decomposition de toutes ces chaires faisandees
Qui retournent au neant le temps su souffle d'un vent
Puis tout signe de vie s'efface et l'anhedonie prend place

Finally comes the congregation of purifying darkened clouds
Glutted with looming acid rain and death emanations
Ready to liquidate any form of obsolete useless existence
And clean each soiled stone and parcel of fouled ground

Then come the void, nothingness and other earth eaters
Mourning the end of aimless life and deserved death

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