Versuri Atheist - When The Beast

Album: Atheist - Jupiter

Have you seen the size of my paws? The largest in all the land
Do you fear my bi-cuspid display? On my rear hands I stand!
Didn't it make you want to compromise?
Picking a path of a moth in the corner
Sit in a puddle of dry aspirations
Just enough to maybe try.
So useless stuck to the ceiling
Making your spine just liquefy.
When the Beast, Do as beasts do, don't let them past you!
Have you heard the sound of my roar?
I'll deliver it on command
Seems p**s down your leg is your option
Make a stand, take a stand!
Didn't it make you feel you've euthanized
Picking the path of the moth in the corner?
Ticking the clock like their can't be tomorrow
Not about just getting by
Focus not on your own resurrection
Crooked's the crack? You don't comply!