Versuri Atrocity - The Hunt

Album: Atrocity - Willenskraft

[music: M. Roderer / lyrics: A. Krull]

sinful i have taken life by life
mortality a gift you have to make
blood and sweat is the nourishment
bloody victim the hunt is your painful eend

nervously your skin is turning wet
merciless i stab you in the back
steel of sword is reaching tender flesh
lustfully i cut your hear from neck

panic, butcher
bleeding for my need

never enter my hunting-ground
cause i get you and i smash you down
i cut you, slash you till your death
i slice your heart and steal your breath

the hunt is on!
manhunt is on!

i slaughter you, i slice your throat apart
i punish you, your neverreesting soul
gruesome, black and obscure night
entirely i have given death's delight

panic, butcher
bleeding for my need

you and me - the chosen ones

the hunt is on!

[lead: T. Bauer]

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