Versuri August Burns Red - Glory Thives

Album: August Burns Red - Looks Fragile After All

Blooming into a fight for glory, we will rise above.
We will rise above all else.
The glory for us.
But in the beginning we've dug this endless hole.
Here we are, and I know we will have to work together.
And in the beginning we've kept our redemption back.
Here we are.
I know we'll take the strife by its throat, in order to free each other from what we've fallen for in the first place.
Let's go.
Here we come to dream of progress, and to rationalize our actions to make sense for those who ignore the price they pay for cheating us.
Remember that we become those who we die for, carrying their guilt on our shoulders, only having a life lost in the heat of innocent bravery.
We are our loved ones heroes, and they won't even notice.
They can't.
That's the beauty of it, I guess.

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