Versuri Autopsy - Gasping For Air

Album: Autopsy - Severed Survival

[Music and lyrics: E.C.]

Tightening grip around the neck
Gasping for air that isn't there
Feeling life's source draining away
Slowly slipping to God you pray

Eyes popping out, as the face turns blue
Crushed windpipe, swallowing in blood
Hopeless thoughts, loss of breath
Loss of life, strangled to death

Digging the grave in which you will lie
Buried head deep and left to die
Body paralyzed beneath the sand
Tide comes in...Asphyxiation

Watrlogged corpse, Back from the dead
Rips the eyeballs from his head
Snapping neck, blood pours down
Decapitated body rotting away

[lead: E.C.]

Gasping for air
Gasping for air

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