Versuri Autumnblaze - Mute Boy Sad Girl

Album: Autumnblaze - Mute Boy, Sad Girl

A mute boy and a sad girl
Have written letters they couldn't read
A mute boy and a sad girl
Have sung together two different songs

"I didn't tell you that I was really scared
but I just fell deeper without sharing my sorrows.
You couldn't reach me and I couldn't reach you.
We slept on the same ground but we didn't notice anything."

Mute boy Sad girl / Mute girl Sad boy
Mute boy Sad girl flew away like sparks

A mute boy and a sad girl
Their ways have parted - it's better now
A mute boy and a sad girl
Maybe there is a chance to sing one song

"Love is a queery place and sometimes I wonder why
all our deepest yearnings lead us there
though we know that we'll fail again and again..."

[Eldron, 26.8 2001]

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