Versuri Avalanch - Polvo Sudor Y Sangre

Album: Avalanch - Llanto De Un Heroe

[English translation]


I walk southward

Without looking back
Looking for a light
Among so much darkness.
I defend a cross,
A freedom symbol?
I got no place
Where I can come back

Religions wars
I have to suffer, and for a change they banish me from here
Horror cries, and death
In the name of God
Im not a fighter, nor a hero of so much pain
Castile, for you I gave my entire life
And now my kings sending me to exhile
And far away from you
My God, if I am your son
Why have I got to suffer?
Why shall you ask me to live and die this way?
Dust, sweat and blood youll gain
In change of your loyalty
When youre dead they say you defeated your rival
Neither as dead they leave you rest in peace
They were your children, Lord
Why now are they not anymore?
Why dont you letem follow another God?
For you Ive won a war
I dont deserve an end like this
I just want to live on
And finally try to be happy.

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