Versuri Avantasia - Dying For An Angel

Album: Avantasia - The Wicked Symphony

You're awake in your darkest dream
I have come for you
And nobody can hear you scream
When I reach for you

Don't you remember their feet in your face
Before they have carved you in stone
And don't you remember your sweat and your pain
When you were drawn to the bone
When you were left on all alone

Living on a dream
Dying for an angel
Reach out, waiting for a miracle
No sign of wings, as you turn your back on me

Living on a dream
Lonely cold and dial
Head up, feet down in the fire
Giving till you're gone
Dying for an angel

Where do we go from the apogee
What do we leave behind
And How will I stand what I'll have to see
This reflexion of mine
Collateral damage, your sacrifice
Gotta learn to unlearn to fall
Gotta tear down the walls of love and light
You have come on your own
You will go on all alone

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