Avatar au lansat un nou single

de Cristi Nedelcu

Avatar au lansat un nou single

Avatar au revenit cu cel de-al doilea single de pe viitorul lor album "Hunter Gatherer".

Piesa se numeste "God of Sick Dreams", si a fost lansata impreuna cu un clip care poate fi vazut mai jos.

Trupa a oferit detalii despre lansarea noului album. "Hunter Gatherer" va fi lansat pe 7 august via eOne

"The song is rooted visually in a very vivid nightmare I had. For a very long period I was having very apocalyptic nightmares. I didn’t realize the frequency of it until my wife commented on it that, “Wow, you dream that a lot.” But it’s very vivid. I’m in some apartment that isn’t mine, and I’m looking out the window and I think it’s Gothenburg and then I saw lightning just striking all over the city. Then these weird spherical purple explosions would happen, and it would swallow whatever was inside the sphere leaving only a crater. There was a sense of dread and that the world was ending, and I was feeling about as real as those vivid nightmares can.", a declarat Johannes Eckerstrom.

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