Versuri Avenged Sevenfold - Crossroads

Album: Avenged Sevenfold - Diamonds In The Rough 2008

I've been traveling for so long
So lost till I stumbled upon
Two roads in front of me
I had to take my time

To the right I could see a church
I took a step in that direction first
But to the left there was a watering hole
Where they were whiskey drunk
And now that's where I wanna pray

So far down here just holding on

If I was perfect
Than this would be easy
Either road is plausible on both I could drown
I walk through the center
With no rules to guide me
I realize it's difficult
But now I can see

There's gotta be another way to go
a way that's much more feasible
A combination of all these lies
to set your path without choosing a side

I make decisions one at a time
And no, I never say I'm always right
I'm confident that when I stand on my own
You'll see the truest form of a man
when I'm shining through

So far down here just holding on


Oh, I hear them now
All the religious rage

(Anger I see)
(Anger I see)
(Anger I see now)

The left isn't better
It's just more of the same.
Condemning all these people
For what they believe
I'll climb to the top of their mountain again
No one is going to save me this way
And the closer to the top I get the more they can aim
But I'm not you

I may not be perfect
But I've always been true
I may not be worthy in your eyes
Climb up from the bottom
For the last time
The last one, the last one,
The last time


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