Versuri Avenged Sevenfold - Girl I Know

Album: Avenged Sevenfold - Diamonds In The Rough 2008

Let me tell ya 'bout this girl I know
That comes alive when you take off her clothes
Theres no tell just where shes been
Ask around but no one seems to know

Late at night when your looking to sin
Call her up and she'll lay down the law
You can't trust her 'cause she'll lie to your face
But that's not why you gave her a call

Awaits deep inside
The lust and burning desire

We've all been more than eager to sin
And it feels alright, 'till we pay the price
Now you choose either naughty or nice
'Cause shes here for you
Its all yours tonight
You won't believe the stories I've been told
About the girl I know

Another thing about this girl I know
Shes more comfortable down on her knees
Went to school, got a job, and then she shot into hell
All 'cause shes born to please

Don't get her mixed up 'cause she knows what she likes
Can't tell the difference between right and wrong
She knows you're watching every one of her moves
Just more reason to string you along, yeah



The first times hard enough
But you made it through
The seconds time I see the changes in you
Shes got you somehow
You're needing her now


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