Versuri AVENUES & SILHOUETTES - The Giant Show


Breathe this pressure, the stage is slippery
And this whole theatre expects fireworks

We tried to fake this on our own.

Actors! Lights! And ACTION!
Behind the curtains,
Howling, you felt the greatest!
They clapped with madness with their claws
requesting that scene in the end
where front row tuxedos carry specks of blood.
I can’t believe it’s happening:
It’s time to say goodbye
And forget any trail from your mistakes.

What a large journey to explain!
I’m still addicted to our crime.
Do you think that those were the roles
We first requested?

I’m running again along
Beckettian sceneries
But ostracism of the night has made me stronger.
It’s time to play
An offstage tragedy.
Miserable characters challenging themselves
In order to increase their Egos.
I can’t believe it’s happening:
It’s time to say goodbye
The spotlights embellish the circumstance.

You built the prison with sea sights
Where I’ve become a fearless creature engulfing our photographs,
An early gargantuan feast where every bite feeds the guilt.

I’m your sun, you’re my moon.
The ocean scatters tides that whistle, that whisper to us too low.

Mayday! Shall I run away?
Glory seemed so close.

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