Versuri AVULSED - I Feel Good... Eating Human Flesh

Album: AVULSED - Yearning For The Grotesque

[Music: Juancar / Lyrics: Dave Rotten / Guest Vocalist: Bjoern Goosses]

Voracity for human flesh
Its something i cant help
Forbidden pleasure not for the weak
I get stronger with every bit

The vision of a cadaver
Unleashes my atrocious hunger
I devour it with anxiety
I cant resist this delicacy

"Pleasures of the flesh"
Is not just a phrase
It has a meaning for me
I really enjoy that meat

I feel good... eating human flesh!!!!

[Guitar solo: Juancar]

Ive never felt stronger
Since i eat human meat
Addicted to cannibalism
Thats what i am

I feel good... eating human flesh!!!!

[Guitar solo: Cabra]

Human ghoulash, my favourite dish
And a good female roasted rib
Childrens meat is tender and sweet
Im proud to be an anthropophagus

I feel good... eating human flesh!!!!

And they did succeed; her nerves exploded
But not the way they wanted her to
Then she became a twisted psychopath
Thinking of a way to make them pay

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