Versuri A.W.A.S. - A.W.A.S.

Album: A.W.A.S. - Hope

[lyrics: martin, music: martin, a.w.a.s.]

Here we are, here we come.
Acoustic war against Satan
Saved by the almighty only one,
who gave for you his beloved son.

One day we all will die,
once I will see Zion.
Do not trust Satan's lies.
I will get to paradise.

Come and see, fight with me.
Judgement day hasn't jet come.
Fight with me against Satan.

Judgement day will come soon.
Acoustic war against Satan.
You are warriors so come on.
Acoustic war against Satan

Stand up fight as one.
We are strong through the son
Saved by grace of the almighty one.
Acoustic war against Satan.
Eph. 6,12 / 2.Kor. 3-5

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