Versuri Axamenta - A Nation In Atrophy

Album: Axamenta - Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture

Terror swirls around the Niles region
Enslaving the masses in its entombed legion

Dead cold scavengers maraud the sand lake nation
Their hide is scathed with marks of devastation

The dreaded fear of a fallen land
Its demise is mans atrophic shame
The wheels of wrath fall into place
The death bells ring in Egypts name

Destiny is at hand

Plague-bound shades corrupt and infest lights creation
Its mankinds fall in a vile retaliation
And now - The meek inherit the onslaughts vision
As all - beckon the carnage of millions

Terror reigned the empire of the Niles region
The enslaved masses have soiled the sand lake nation
And now - The echoes of the death bells stir
To cast - their last chime on Egypts world.