Versuri Axamenta - Ashes To Flesh

Album: Axamenta - Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture

Blessed and cursed with the Phoenixs gift
Death and birth arrive in one instant so swift
The ending of a former life
The beginning of feeling alive

Rotating shackles determine place and time
To create 2 endlings, 1 malign
The skin is burnt to cinder
New flesh is born unhindered

I am not One Solemn Entity
- Going through a myriad of conversions -
But a whole entirety
Unbound by the strings of time

So one mans breath is anothers death
A premonition thats been often said
Incarnating eternally
Choosing 1 identity

Sometimes awakening in a foreign land
Once 1 drowned in water, now 1 in sand
Believing what the eyes can see:
A nation in atrophy

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