Versuri Axamenta - Incognation

Album: Axamenta - Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture

I am the new disease
I am a binary soul - burnt into flesh
Conceived within a dimension past all comprehension
I am Genesis...

...And Apocalypse

I am a blueprint of man
I am a manipulation of previous assembly
Overclocked the protocol
I am backwards incompatible

A paradigm shift
On the axis of incarnation
A mortals fate bypassed
The incognation

I am to annihilate, disintegrate, deprivate
Deteriorate - A cluster of races set to erase
Engage my spine of relays

I am an anagram - decrypted DNA - a proclaimed progeny - the incognation

I am the incognation
Decrypted DNA
I am an anagram of man

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