Versuri Axegressor - Attack!

Album: Axegressor - Axecution

beheading the last of the weaklings
crushing their hopes to the ground
saving no one, killing them all
beaten, burned and drowned

the hordes in the heat of eternal fire
casting the scum now into the mire
deeds of pain feed the light of hate
forward! attack! devastate!

burning their pitiful village
wasting their children and wives
plunder, loot and pillage
make sure everyone dies

the one in flames, the owner of souls
the stench of his breath so sickening and foul
lord of all fevers and f*****g plagues
providing the sharpness of our blades

forward! forward!
feed the flames of hate
attack! attack!
give them maximum pain
forward! forward!
destroy and decimate
attack! attack!

leave their land torn apart
rip out their beating hearts

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