Versuri Axegressor - Born of Pain, Bred With Fear

Album: Axegressor - Command

cold, heartless and full of rage
alone, loveless in this cage
hate forever, anger reigns
hell is here, feel this pain

taste my blade as pity dies
nothing left but hateful scorn
all my goodness burnt with lies
only vengeance to live for

I am not what I used to be
raped all beauty within me
clenching fists, nothingness
only pain and emptiness

take my hand, I’ll give you hell
kiss my fist on your knees
feed you pain, release my hate
make you f*****g crawl and bleed!

born of pain, bred with fear
mental storm, out of norms
thickening my inner thorns
utmost outburst of despair
sinister feelings once asleep
sharpening my hidden teeth

feel me as I break through your heart
you fed me with hatred so bizarre

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