Versuri Axis Powers - Superior Stand

Album: Axis Powers - Born For War

Break of dawn is coming
The positions are all filled
Minutes of waiting seems endless
Attack command finally is said

Rolling over the trenches
The formations of steel is hard
Passing barbed wire, crushing the soil
Adranaline - moving ahead

Artillery suddenly is firing
As we`re rolling through no-mans-land
Enemy troops grips for their arms
Awaken into the fire of war

Panzer mercilessly advancing
The punch of an iron fist
Superior warfare, he blitzkrieg is here
the downfall of yet another land

Stukas are diving to slaughter
bombs are clearing the ground
Crushing resist, the dices are cast
no prisoners taken this time

Spearhead break through the frontlines
Infanitry weapon goes warm
Hammering down the will of the strong
The doom of the weak shall prevail

Flamethrower clearing the bunkers
Fulfilment, No left to stand
The powers has spoken, fall down for the lords
Forging the history again

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