Versuri Axis Powers - Tanks of War

Album: Axis Powers - Born For War

Aggressive war we assault
With an blitzing arrival
We taking them with suprise
We break through the heavy armour
And stick their arrogance down their throat
Our artillery-men pounding behind us
Mud fly high tanks of war

We break out from the pineforest
Where we were hidden
Trees fall down like sticks
Firing reckless we shield
Our soldiers behind us
We are the veterans of the battlefield
Our enemy stands like they
Been struck by lightning
Tanks of war

It`s december and the snow is heavy
With our white camo tanks
We continou our metalstorm
In our hearts a power glow
With our tanks we blow them
To kingdome come

Tanks of war, we are here
Masters of the war
After the attack
Battle tanks, black metal tanks
A wall of fire, Tanks of war

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