Versuri Axxis - Tears Of The Trees

Album: Axxis - Access All Areas

Through the dark forest
Between the green trees
Stay and listen what they say

Dejection in their voices
No hope in their cries
Hear their song with a tear in your eye
Leaves are falling
One by one
Soon we'll know what we have done
And the time will come
Not far away
When we're on the run
Don't dare to stay
But there's no chance to escape

When the tears of the trees
Falling down on earth
Now it's time to return
The tears of the trees
Rolling round the world
The last cry - the last hope


Hear the deadly silence
Deep in their song - the cry of life
Stay and listen what they say
And the time will come
When the children say to their mom:
"I've never seen the colour green !"

[Chorus (x2)]