Versuri Azarath - Sacrifice Of Blood

Album: Azarath - Praise The Beast

Masochistic offering of flesh and blood
Steel cuts so deep it hurts no more
Dark Lord, Master, take this life
Take this black soul to Evil sworn.

Inside this seal carved into stone
I invoke the Beast to come forth
From the centre of the Star
I bleed for Thee my Lord.

I fly through circles of fire
The soul's journey to hell
I'm coming to join my kind
Master, I'm coming home now.

Suspended in dusty air I feel nothing
Except for this overwhelming elation
The carvings blood red down below
Dark Lord, Master, welcome your son!

Sacrifice of the self
Sacrifice of the soul
Sacrifice of flesh
Sacrifice of blood!

Hail Lucifer!
Hail Beelzebub!
Hail Astaroth!

Satanas, venire!
Ave Satanas