Versuri Barcode - End The War (With Laurits Medom From As We Fight)

Album: Barcode - Showdown

Keeping it clean is life to me
Independenceas what I plead
Abstentionas my philosophy
Straight edge is my destiny

Cherish lifetime insanity
Lose control and let it be
Bad habits set me free
f****d for real feels good to me

No meat, no drugs, no alcohol
Want it all and I want more
No screwing around for affection
Plain pollution to the core
Itas my life and Iam the boss
Life is hard and then you die
atag my hands with a big black cross
Risking it all is worth the try

Letas go

Two of a kind a for the love of the scene
Wonat blame you if you wonat blame me
Itas our lives a we can do what we want
United and strong a one hardcore front

One for all same brawl
End the war for hardcore

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