Versuri Barcode - Rise To Dignity

Album: Barcode - Showdown

Talking s**t behind my back
Accusation a coward attack
Cheating liar a cheep complaints
Barking mad dog out to restrain
Speak up a speak out loud
Spit it out a Right here a Right now
Grab this opportunity to
Take back what you know is untrue

Guilty conscience

Never found a place in the herd
Sweet talk turned to bitter words
Speak up a Admit or die
Poor stray dog bark too late
Timeas right a to put up a fight
One of us is going down tonight


Guilty, conscience rise to dignity
Whatas it gonna be
you fuckina stare back a sending those innocent eyes
Cheating cold glance a total denial on time
Too wrapped a too strapped a in your pack of lies
Canat swallow your pride

Change routine
Return to crime scene
This time reversing the deal

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