Versuri Battlelore - Ghan Of The Woods

Album: Battlelore - Third Age Of The Sun

Moves of the deep
Senses of the beast
Ancient people among the trees
Soil of their land
The way of the wind
Throne and the walls for the Woses
Be gone Orc-folk
Ruin Gorgn
Be gone Troll-folk
Ruin Gorgn
Gold from the sun
The wealth of the clan
Riches for soul of everyone
Rivers and lakes
The silvering moon
Kingdom of pearls their woods
Drain the hope from the souls
Of Orcish hordes when they are dead
Drain the life from their own earth
From the stars, from every birth
Druadan chieftain
Wise from his mind
Pure from his heart
Druadan chieftain
Ghan of the woods
Fighting the wolves
Fighting the Gorgn
Mother earth
Caring for her child
Forest folk
Her untamed kind

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