Versuri Battlelore - Ocean's Elysium

Album: Battlelore - Evernight

Let the whirling wind whisper the farewell, blow the silver sand away, hide your traces
Watch the clouds rising through the fading sky

Welcome your novel home, no more dreams of insanity, welcome your novel life
No more dying in clarity, welcome your novel dark, no more fear or agony
Welcome your novel light, no more hope or serenity

The higher ones shall rise again, our ways are not the same
We shall wander and long for this to come, for us it is a different faith

Once again I see the sun, hear the woods and feel the air, reach for the stars and the moon
Scent of the flowers and the woods

I am hiding under the sea, lost, deep into the shadows,
Behind the sleep I am waiting to hear my name again

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