Shes In Parties Bass Tab - Bauhaus

Date: Wed, 7 Jun 1995 09:16:21 -0400 (EDT)
From: Corwin Colbey 

"She's In Parties" by Bauhaus, from the album _Burning On the Inside_

i looked for this song on OLGA, and to my  dismay, found it not. so, i was
forced to figure it out, and thought i'd share the fruits of my efforts 

first off, i tabbed this on the top two strings, though i think it's actually
played on the 2nd and  3rd strings. but it's more readable this way. the 
spaces between notes are only vaguely related to the timing.


this, of course, is the verse/chorus riff. there are some variations 
throughout the song, and he seems to play a fill at  the end of verses and
choruses. but there's no way in hell i'm going to tab all those out.

next (i think) is this part. i'm not sure what to call it. bridge is fine,
i suppose.


i think that's how it goes. it might be played an octave up.

and finally, the interlude/outro part.


that's how it's played  in the outro. it might be an octave higher in the
interlude. also, at a  couple points the bass leaves half of it out. just
listen to the recording. the first note of either half is omitted sometimes
as well.

anyhow, that's the bassline, more or less. as for the guitar, it's all weird
textural stuff that i can't figure out. i think i heard these two chords at
certain points:

e 5  e 8
B 5  B 10
G 5  G 10
D X  D X
A X  A X
E X  E X

it's very weird. just  make some noise in A minor w/a wah pedal and it
should sound alright. 

well, there it is. my first real tab. enjoy.

Corwin Colbey

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