Cabinessence Chords - Beach Boys

 from the Unreleased "SMiLE" Album; released on "20-20"(1969)

  Use a capo on the third fret.

  Cmaj7/g             C7          F     Em
  Light the lamp and fire mellow,cabin essence
         Am7    G            F#o         Am7  
  timely hello welcomes the time for a change

  Cmaj7/g               C7
  Lost and found, you still remain there
  F                    Em           Am7
  Youll find a meadow filled with grain there
  G               Bm           A
  Ill give you a home on the range...

    Who rang the iron horse? (X4)
    G5                       (X4)
    Who rang the iron horse?
    D5                       (X2)
    Who rang the iron horse? 

  I want to watch you,windblown facing waves of wheat
  for your embracing, folks sing a song of the grain

  Nestle in a kiss below there,the constellations ebb
  and flow there and witness our home on the range...

     Who Rang....

       A                      C        D              F        
      Have you seen the Grand Coulee, working on the railroad?
       G                      Bb       C 
      Have you seen the Grand Coulee  working on the railroad?

      Over and over, the crow cries uncover the cornfield
      Over and over, the thresher and hover the wheat field (X2)