Caroline No (ver3) Chords - Beach Boys

With respect to all those who have tabbed this song in the past in the key of Fm,
this is actually closer to the real thing. Originally it was recorded in a kind of
G, before the whole mix was 
sped up one semitone to G# to make the vocals sound 'younger and more innocent'.
However, the song only really works in the key described below which is, to all
intents and purposes, G.

(A note on how the chords are formed)

When played on the piano, the opening chord is constructed of an Em7 with a G bass,
followed by a Dm7 with a C bass. Towards the end of the verse there is more of this
trickery, involving a Gm7 with a C bass and an FM7 also with a C bass. The G9 in the
bridge can be played as a G7, a G6 or a G13, 
depending on how you play and what your ear tells you.

What I've called Em7/G is similar to the open G shape, the notes being G, (A muted), E, G, D, E. 

What I've done below is the best I can for a song that was designed for piano and not guitar.

Verse 1:

Em7/G           Dm7/C  
Where  did your long hair go
Em7/G                Dm7/C  
Where  is the girl I used to know
Em7/G           Gm7       Gm7/C FM7/C
How   could you lose that happy glow
Oh Caroline, No

Verse 2:

Who took that look away
I remember how you used to say
You'd never change, but that's not true
Oh Caroline, you


        Dm7  G9   CM7
Break my heart, I want to and cry
       E7sus4b9   E7      Am7
It's so sad to watch a sweet thing die
Oh Caroline, why

Verse 3:

Could I ever find in you again
Things that made me love you so much then
Could we ever bring them back once they had gone
Oh Caroline, no

[repeat verse chords to fade]

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