Girls On The Beach Chords - Beach Boys

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                          "Girls On The Beach"
                             (Brian Wilson)


(wordless vocals):

 Eb            Gm7
 / / /  / / /   / / /  / / /
Cm7           Cm7/F    F9
 / / /  / / /   / / /  / / /
Fm7                    Db9   Emaj7 [N.C.]
     The girls on the beach

Verse 1:

Eb      Cm7         Fm7        Bb7
On the beach you'll find them there
Eb     [C7]     Fm7  Abm6[harmonies imply C7-9+5 C7]
In the sun and salty air

Chorus 1:

    Emaj7        C#m7
The girls on the beach
  [Emaj7]      C#m7[harmonies imply Emaj9]
Are all within reach
    A       F#m7  [Bb7sus4 Bb7][harmonies imply Abmaj9/Bb Bb13]
If you know what to do

Verse 2:

How we love to lie around
Girls with tans of golden brown

Chorus 2:

The girls on the beach
Are all within reach
     A        F#m7     Bb7sus4
And one waits there for you
      Eb    Abm6   Eb
Girls on the beach


    Gm7    Cm7
The sun in her hair
     Gm7      Cm7
The warmth of the air
Cm7/F  F9    Fm7  Bb7
 On a summer day

Verse 3 (key changes to E after first line):

Eb     Cm7      Fm7     Bb7
As the sun dips out of sight
 E     C#7     F#m7      Am6
Couples on the beach at night

Chorus 3:

    Fmaj7         Dm7
The girls on the beach
   Fmaj7        Dm7
Are all within reach
     Bb      Gm7    B7sus4
And with the boys tonight
              E     C#m7  A   Fmaj7 [N.C.]
Girls on the beach

Coda [repeat to fade]:

  E          G#m7   C#m7         C#m7/F# F#9
Girls on the beach (girls on the beach)

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers

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